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VIP Security

Titans’ security offer a prestigious close protection service

Titans’ security offer a prestigious close protection service. We understand the pressure that some of the most famous and wealthy people have to endure during their day-to-day business. Often this can be anything from unsolicited harassment from obsessed fans, paparazzi or the Media. This can be significant pressure for VIP’s who have a reliance on their public profile and subsequent threats becoming real.

Potential threats can be reduced if not prevented altogether with effective risk management and strategic planning to ensure our Close protection teams provide our clients peace of mind to go about their daily life unhindered.

Our Close Protection operatives work inconspicuously with consideration for all backgrounds, creeds, cultures and beliefs. Discretion is the key element to ensure that we protect our clients physically but also reputationally and from bad publicity.

As a standard our Close protection operatives are trained in the following to ensure they can facilitate any situation should it arise.

  • Close protection and physical intervention, dispute resolution and conflict management
  • Route planning and emergency procedures
  • Minimum level 3 Medical qualification such as First Person on Scene or First Response Emergency Care

These services include:

Residential Security

This service is either used as a sand-alone service or in unison with Close protection offering a seamless handover from leaving your place of residence and going about your daily business discreetly and unhindered to returning to the safety of your secured residence. Residential security operatives work in partnership with any existing household staff from, Personal assistants and Managers to House keeping and facilities to maximise the quality of living for our clients.

Personal protection

Otherwise known as Body guarding. This role is heavily focused on Client service, planning and risk mitigation and requires a distinct skills and mentality from the licenced Close Protection Operative (CPO).